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Amelia 'I've known of Sarah for years, and after she championed me for the Jaguar Shoes Exhibition in late 2017, it seemed fitting we should finally do a wall together. Working with Photography Kristy Noble, and shooting at my London home, we created a simple backdrop to allow my prints to do the talking!'

Sarah says, 'I was delighted to style this wall to showcase Amelia's bold and beautiful prints. I love the geometric patterns of Amelia's scarfs and so I wanted there to be clean, simple lines and for a freshness to come from the pops of colour. We threw the scarfs in the air to create this wonderful scarf cloud. The way the scarf moves through the air is magical.

Thank you to Aria Shop for the fantastic pieces and Gail Smith Flowers for the gorgeous greens. It was super to shoot with awesome photographer Kristy Noble

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Amelia Graham

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