Syncholistic Treasures

Syncholistic Ltd. is a holistic company, based in South West London, founded by Martina Grubmueller in 2008. Martina has a multitude of interests and apart from offering healing and facilitation as a Therapist, Empowerment Coach & Yoga Teacher she has been a Treasure Hunter since she can remember!

Martina has a deep curiosity for the meaning of our existence, which seems to partially correlate with her love for the simple, unique & forgotten. Her questioning of the boundaries of this reality often leads her to undiscovered territory that hides outside the box treasures that can rekindle old memories.

Her lifelong interest in art, antiques, recycling, upcycling gets her round London to local antique markets, carboots and wherever else there are treasures to be found. Syncholistic Treasures is a sidekick and passionate hobby to allow things to come alive again. It serves as a reminder and inspiration to find joy in the past, in what has come before us and how it can be a contribution to us in the now, in the present moment, to maybe even create a new future.

One of her gifts is to purchase things for other people and it often happens that people ask Martina to search for particular items and she finds them or rather they find her! So, if there is anything you are looking for, get in touch and you never know what the possibilities are to find them for a good price.

In order to get in touch with Martina to chat about some of your findings that contributed to your life or for any other inquiries, here are the possibilities:

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