Emma Nicol Illustration

Hi! I am Emma, an illustrator and designer who lives in Portsmouth on the South Coast of England. I create homewares using machine and hand embroidery techniques from a mixture of new and salvaged fabrics. I love working with textiles, I find it such an expressive way to create images and adds so much texture to my illustrations.

I have put together this seaside collection for Supermarket Sarah to share my LOVE of all things seaside and to hopefully put some summer sunshine into your lives!

Many seaside towns have suffered over the years with a decline in British seaside tourism. Luckily as we are traditionally a naval city, we have never soley relied on tourism here. Portsmouth is a wonderful city, it has a great balance of old and new, with so much to do. We have a huge thriving creative community, great attractions & local restaurants and a jam packed events calendar . I urge you to visit us or any of our local seaside towns. Get some fresh sea air in your lungs and of course an ice-cream!

For commissions and to see more of my work, please visit emmanicolillustration.co.uk

Massive thanks to Yasmin Collins for photographing my collection.

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