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I've always been able to eat whatever I like and keep my figure. But a lifelong flirtation with the French pastry went to the next level last year. I had no idea how much butter was in those lil darlings - 100gm each! - and I was scoffing about four a weekend.

Consequently, I'm going easy on the bakery, and getting exercise on my beach body.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for a dieting tip, here's one from Liana in Montreal:
'eat as much Poutine as you like until lunch time' (that seems a bit extreme, let's say 5pm) 'then fast till morning.'

But rememeber - your body is your friend, and friends don't starve each other.

An exercise tip: I'm a bit of a trend wizard, and I can see skipping (jump rope) in our future.

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