About Sensitive boyf

'Sensitive boyfriend' is a design project about relationships & feelings. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, we've been going steady for about five years.

Recent projects:
*sending care packages to people having a shit time
*re-designing a pillow case after our original one was ripped off
*'Moon Balloon', a dance performance - see pic

This is our third Supermarket Sarah wall. We love the site - seeing what other people are up to, and working with the wall concept, ourselves.

This wall was shot during the southern hemisphere summer, between Ladies Bay (for the Ladies) & Gentlemen's Bay (ditto), two nudist beaches in Auckland, New Zealand.
The shoot was inspired by the story of a Don in Oxford - he was skinny dipping and heard students approaching. Instead of covering his nakedness, he covered his face.
Brrr, it's winter over there, non? - get a winter condoms on ya! They're waiting on the wall . . .

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