a date with Matt!

Matt was meant to be in the photoshoot, but got cold feet. Anyway, you can still pay one quid to go in the draw to win a date with Matt!

Matt is currently in New Zealand, working on his tan, but will return to Berlin for summer. So it'd help if you were in Berlin too, but not essential. But does long distance ever work? Keep It Simple, Sexualist.

Anyway, Matt is around 28, soft & sweet, likes a lol, will treat you right. He loves his vintage VW Beetle, he turns heads wherever he goes, too. The Beetle recently broke down, but he's a good runner ;)
His preference is men, but recently had a dalliance with a woman, so ladies can enter the draw too. YGG!

The date itself will be a surprise - for everyone - because spontaneity is Matt's speciality. But one thing is certain - time flies, looking in Matt's eyes ;)

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