Friendship Cakes & Protest Bakes

Size: cake-sized!

Made From: cake and icing

Artist Beccy McCray

Beccy Says: A continuation of Friendship Cakes and Protest Bakes - a session of radical cake decoration and sugar subversion; working with the public DIY style to create cakes of friendship and political protest, which were hand delivered to unsuspecting recipients...

The concept is all about using the medium of cake to send a message out to the world¦ For example; cakes of kindness were hand-delivered to local homeless people and a braille cake to a home for the visually impaired. On the other hand, we also created protest cakes; which included a cake drop at MacDonald's and another hand-delivered to local MP, Amber Rudd, with a 'Cake Not Cuts' message! The simple idea being that you can say whatever you like a on a cake. Coz everybody loves cake. FACT!

Send me your brief and commission a friendship or protest cake to be hand delivered - the message will be a surprise!!

Price: on request

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