Onagono: Raffia Clutch BagSold!

Width approx.25cm /
Length approx. 15cm

Material: Raffia

Designer: Madwa

Onagono says,

“This clutch bag is quirky yet undoubtedly stylish in appearance and design.

It is made of crocheted raffia fibre and comes with a round magnetic snap closure. It reminds me of a Hawaian grass Hula skirt, and that is great, but in a different context, this statement bag can look surprisingly chic.

It can be accessorised with colourful jewellery while keeping an outfit simple.

It was skillfully handcrafted using Raffia fibre by talented artisans in Madagascar.

Raffia fibre is harvested from Raffia palm trees, many of whose species originate in Madagascar. The fibres are stripped, dried and crocheted together to form this item.

The product and process were all conducted locally, from sourcing the natural material, to dying using natural dyes, to crocheting.”

£58 (Sold)

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