Supermarket Sarah Presents : Nick White Sold!

When Nick was asked if he would like to do a wall for Supermarket Sarah he said ''Yeah, that sounds fun.''

When asked what he was going to do for the wall he responded with ''Something amazing with lights and mirrors and smoke. Like a David Copperfield show only better.''

However when it came down to it Nick found that his 'Paul Daniels junior magic kit' mostly consisted of small sponge balls, plastic tumblers and a bit of orange string.

Instead Nick saw it as a good chance to curate his own shop / exhibition and include lots of great work from talented friends. ''I'm lucky to have lots of talented friends so I ended up asking them all if they'd like to include some work. Unfortunately not everyone could get me stuff in time. Though this was probably for the best as there wouldn't have been any room for my work. Which although may well have looked better, it would have also meant me changing the name to 'This is Pals and Nick White' which doesn't make sense.''

Nick also managed enlist the help of his talented girlfriend Laura Beckett who works as a stylist to help with the install.

He was pretty pleased with the outcome. ''Yeah, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. The idea was to try and create a giant version of one of my collages which I think worked. Fingers crossed people will buy loads of stuff and I can get that David Copperfield magic set the one with the lights and mirrors and smoke machine.''

Nick White is an illustrator, artist and some time animator who lives and works in london.

His Clients include - Anorak Magazine, Plan B, Los Angeles Times, Time Out London, World of Interiors, CENT magazine, NoBrow, Dufus (Iron Man Records), Merz (Gronland Records), Howies, The Big Issue, The Victoria & Albert Museum, The Spectator, Bloomberg Business Week and Eye magazine. '

Nick is represented by HEART in the UK and US.

£xxxxxxxx (Sold)

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