Nick White: Florian Kremb / Amplifier 'Champagne Cork Coat Hook'Sold!

What is it?: Champagne Cork Coat Hook.
Champagne Cork, Screw, Raw Plug, Gift Box.

Size: Approx 10cm

Artist: Florian Kremb / Amplifier

Nick Says,''Like Steve Kerrigan from the 1997 film 'The castle' Florian Kremb is an ideas man. Though unlike Steve Kerrigan from the 1997 film 'The castle' Florian's inventions are things of beauty and functional to boot. Florian works under the moniker of Amplifier and his products are often one liners like 'Broom with a view' or his 'Wallpaper' pad. Other pieces use everyday items to create new objects such as the coat stand made from coat hangers or like the example here the ready to screw in champagne cork made into a coat hook. Genius.''

£15 (Sold)

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