Supermarket Sarah Presents : GabberdasherySold!

I'm really excited to present to you Gabby Young's wall! Gabby is the front singer for her super band Gabby Young and Other Animals. Do check out their tunes here: Gabby Young

Gabby Young and Other Animals have always been more than just a band, with their flamboyant frontwoman inviting craftspeople to set up stalls at their performances and turning them into mini festivals. Gabby decided to launch Gabberdashery with friend and stylist Katie Antoniou, devoted to promoting British artists, designers and craftspeople.

Gabby says, 'Its a dream to be able to support and make opportunities for independent people making things I love. Everything we sell at Gabberdashery is something I would wear, use or hang on my wall and I want to introduce these beautiful items and amazing workmanship to as many people as possible.'

Supermarket Sarah and Gabby both have a love of vintage and the fantastical. Her wall, co-curated by the amazing Katie Antoniou, is Alice in Wonderland themed. All magical and surreal just like Gabby herself.

Thank you to the wonderful photographer Bruno Conrad

Make up and Hair by Jennifer Nash

£xxxxxxxx (Sold)

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