A Q&A with Laura Spring

We caught up with our latest designer Laura Spring to discuss her influences, inspirations and her experience of building her wonder wall:

You’re based in Glasgow, how does the city influence you creatively?
Glasgow is an amazing city to live and work in. It seems to be a perfect combination of size, people, affordability and weather – that will keep you inside working! I think it’s the people here that have definitely affected my creativity the most though – there’s so many inspiring people it’s hard not to feed off that!

What have you most enjoyed about creating a wall for Supermarket Sarah?
I think I’ve really enjoyed seeing all my work collectively. Often when I’m working away in my studio, it’s so busy I never take time to step back and look at things as a whole but it’s very important to do that form time to time so it’s been great for that! It’s good to see how things are changing and developing too.

What’s your favourite piece on your wall and why?
I think my favourite product is the arrow book bag in green. I really like that print and I think those colours work well together.

How did you find the process of making the wall?
I really enjoyed it once I’d decided how I wanted to approach it. I wanted to keep the wall quite simple as my products are pretty bright and busy, so I thought it best to let them do the talking. I think my wall definitely says I’m a huge fan of bright colour and bold prints!

What are your plans for 2015?
2015 is turning out to a busy year! There’s alot going on which is really exciting! I’ve just got back from a research trip to India and am now working on a new collection as well as a couple of collaborations that I’m thoroughly enjoying. The summer will see me head off to Finland on a residency which is a bit of a dream residency as I loved the very small time I spent in Helsinki a couple of years ago. Then I’m back at Design Junction in september and then it’ll be gearing up for Christmas again!

Cat or dog?
Dog. Always! I share my studio with a 3 year old whippet called Chips who is the perfect studio companion. (I’ve sent you a photo attached taken by my photographer friend Caro Weiss in my studio.)





Supermarket Sarah Presents: COSSAC

COSSAC’s founder Agatka Kozac is a London based fashion designer who has sustainability at the heart of her brand. Agatka advocates eco fashion and clothing with a low environmental impact. COSSAC’s signature creations are minimal and sleek; adapting to the current fashion trends yet never compromising on quality.




Geometric delights from One We Made Earlier

We’re super happy to be presenting One We Made Earlier. Husband and wife team Rob & Emma create contemporary jewellery that is bold and striking. The colour combinations and geometric shapes are just so satisfying!  Their designs are inspired by  Piet Mondrian and Bruce Gray. A little bit of art around your neck deserves shouting about!




Introducing Nylon Sky

Nylon Sky is a UK based accessories label who create beautiful contemporary jewellery. Jennifer Ring, the creator behind Nylon Sky takes inspiration from geometric patterns and combines these forms with natural materials, such as wood next to shimmering brass and opaque perspex. We’re excited to have their beautiful Alhambra Collection on our supermarket! Click and Buy!




Pulp Fiction

We are super excited to introduce Pulp -a  super stationary brand based in Tel Aviv. It was created as a result of a friendship between two families – the Covos’ and the Federbuschs’ who share a longstanding passion for paper products. Each family owns and operates a family business going back some 100 years and spanning over four generations. Playful prints and the use of bright colour palettes make Pulp’s stationary so irresistible! Check out their wall for us here.

Mini Toblerone

The Pulp family

I Have a Dream

Supermarket Sarah Pop Up in Old Street

Supermarket Sarah popped up in the New Shopping Street in Old Street Underground over Xmas! Thanks to all who came down and and all the super designers! If you didn’t have a chance to come down there’s still plenty of lovely stuff available online by Kangan Arora, Georgia Bosson, Tom Pigeon, Crispin Finn and I am Acrylic.

Special thanks to Caroline Jenkinson, Brie Harrison , Rose Allett, Libby Chilton, Talita and Ross, little Celia and Johnny for super marketing helping hands! Katrine Hamori for the Swedish vintage wonders! and Appear Hear for the super space 🙂

Looking forward to more for 2015 –WATCH THIS SPACE!




Supermarket Sarah CAT WALL at Crafty Fox Market

Thank you to all the Super Cat contributors at the Crafty Fox Market on Saturday who presented me with their fantastic cat prints, cards, accessories, tee-shirts, ceramics and more! My SS CAT team and I had a great time curating it all on the entrance wall at the CLF cafe in the Bussey Building in Peckham and we got lots of interest from hungry cat shoppers!

The Winner of our #catwall Instagram competition is @batfacedgirl -Helen Sadler -who snapped her picture with her Cat phone!

A Supermarket Sarah Book is on its way to you! (Please send us your address!)



crafty-fox-market-peckham-dec14-12peckham real cat! not for sale!

img_2981img_2982img_2984img_2996supermarket sarah bookimg_3024img_3038img_3032

crafty-fox-market-peckham-dec14-22img_3073winner -Batfacedgirl! img_3046

Jim Bob Artimg_3037cat kidsimg_3048peckham Bussey Buildingimg_3085

Supermarket Sarah Presents: Ziferblat in Assoc with White Chapel Gallery First Thursdays

Thank you Ziferblat London for creating a SUPER wall up with us for  White Chapel Gallery’s First Thursdays! We had a great time at their super space last night for the launch party. We have always been interested in the space between art and retail so we were delighted to collaborate on this wall and window space. The wall is now Live so do check it out both online and in reality at Ziferblat HQ 388 Old Street, London EC1V 9LT.

Supermarket Sarah Presents: Ziferblat

Supermarket Sarah BOOK for sale in the window!
First Thursday Wall LaunchFirst Thursday Wall LaunchTea Performance in The Window!


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