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Wolf and Moon

The newest wall on Supermarket Sarah comes from East London jewellery brand Wolf & Moon.

Their latest release is Collection No. 4 which revolves around themes of marble and metallics combined with geometric stacked shapes. Each line from Wolf & Moon is totally unique and feature interesting mixes of colours, materials and textures. The pieces are each hand made in their Hackney studio and are perfect for adding a modern element to your look!

We had a chat with the brand’s owner and designer Hannah Davis:

How did you start your business?
I had been making jewellery out of odd bits and bobs since I was very young and then when I was 18 I discovered laser cutting – I was hooked forever! I then moved to London to study Fine Art at Goldsmiths and started selling my jewellery at markets on the weekend.  I built up a customer base, opened my online shop and started taking on stockists.  It has all grown from there really!



Where do you take inspiration from when designing your collections?
Travel is a huge part of my inspiration – I think it must be to do with being somewhere completely different, seeing new things for the first time and not having to deal with the normal pressures of everyday life.  I also love experimenting with colour, pattern and textures.

What did you like best about creating a wall for us?
It is always great to curate and lay out all the pieces together.  I do love a bit of product styling!


What’s next for Wolf & Moon?
Well I’m off to Vietnam for 2 weeks, so possibly a new collection later this year with an Asian twist… who knows!


Shop the Wolf & Moon wall now on Supermarket Sarah to pick up some totally unique pieces!