Tokyo Treats!

This weeks featured artist: Megumi Ueda is Tokyo based, and creates jewellery, accessories and one off illustrations in her signature ‘flamboyant rock’ style under the name of Emily Forlani.


What is your main inspiration for your wall?

The mood of a festival; bright colors, the spirit of freedom and peace. I love to party and Emily Forlani was born out of a desire to create items to party with. I couldn’t find enough out there so thats why I decided to start making my own. My style is flamboyant rock and the pieces should lift your spirit into a mood to party!

What do you make and where are you based?

I live in Tokyo now where I spend a lot of my time making gemstone bracelets. I would like to move to London at some stage because, in my opinion, people opening stores there have the best taste 🙂

Cat or dog?

I Love the cat family; tigers, panthers, Lions!


Hand Woven Bracelets with Gemstones £32

Hand Woven Bracelets with Gemstones £32



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