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Tokyo Treats!

This weeks featured artist: Megumi Ueda is Tokyo based, and creates jewellery, accessories and one off illustrations in her signature ‘flamboyant rock’ style under the name of Emily Forlani.


What is your main inspiration for your wall?

The mood of a festival; bright colors, the spirit of freedom and peace. I love to party and Emily Forlani was born out of a desire to create items to party with. I couldn’t find enough out there so thats why I decided to start making my own. My style is flamboyant rock and the pieces should lift your spirit into a mood to party!

What do you make and where are you based?

I live in Tokyo now where I spend a lot of my time making gemstone bracelets. I would like to move to London at some stage because, in my opinion, people opening stores there have the best taste 🙂

Cat or dog?

I Love the cat family; tigers, panthers, Lions!


Hand Woven Bracelets with Gemstones £32

Hand Woven Bracelets with Gemstones £32



Paper Covers Rock

We are delighted to welcome Paper Covers Rock to our supermarket this week. If you’re not familiar with Paper Covers Rock work then this is a good place to start as we delve into founder, Rachel Caunts’ design world and find out what motivates her to create her work.



What do you make and where are you based?
Paper Covers Rock is my art and design work. I work with collage and illustration to produce simple and thoughtfully designed cards and prints.
At present I live and work on a wonderful road in North London called Shepherd’s Hill. It connects Archway Road to Crouch End. As the name suggests it is up on a hill and I am lucky enough to live with my boyfriend Adam, on the fifth floor of our building, facing south. Our view makes me happy every day and I enjoy watching it change through the seasons.



How long have you been doing Paper Covers Rock?
I started Paper Covers Rock in 2010. I spent part of that year living in a remote part of the Texas Hill Country. It was the first time I had spent long periods of time completely on my own and I found that structuring my day with jobs and projects prevented me from becoming too lost in my own thoughts. At that time I had started collecting old kaleidoscopes and I began creating collages, using tissue paper, of the colours and patterns that they produced. It was an intricate and rather painstaking process but people seemed to like them and that encouraged me to explore my creative ideas and develop a commercial outlet for them.

What inspires you and why did it make you want to do a wall with us?
With each collection and project, inspiration is drawn from colour, texture and pattern, and how these elements work together to tell a story and create an attractive image. For me, the greatest inspiration comes from simply looking around me and paying attention to my surroundings. The most striking colour combinations can often be found in nature, with different places having their own colour palette. Bodnant Garden in North Wales has become a very special place to me in recent years. Its beauty is magical and fills me with ideas. Also, the combination of a pine forest and a sandy beach is wonderful to me, so I love visiting Holkham beach on the North Norfolk Coast.

What’s your favourite piece on your wall and why?
My favourite piece on my wall is the ‘Rotation I’ print. It is the newest addition to my collection and I like its simplicity. I am such a little perfectionist and I am rarely 100% happy with my work but I feel fairly satisfied with this piece (at the moment!). I find it interesting how people are drawn to different patterns and colour combinations. I received a Japanese Colour Dictionary for Christmas last year that has encouraged this fascination. Every time I produce a new collection of cards, I ask my friends and family for their favourite, and sometimes I can predict their responses, sometimes I can’t. My personal favourites are ‘Forest’ from the Arrow Collection and ‘01Mono’ from the Pie Collection.

How did you find the process of making the wall?
I constructed my Supermarket Sarah wall in our flat with the help of my boyfriend Adam, his imagination and superb attention to detail. My talented friend, Jon, photographed my wall. You can see more of Jon’s stunning photography on his website –
The whole process was really fun and it was bizarre seeing our home transformed into a photographic studio for the day. There was something very rewarding about displaying all of my work in one place and watching Jon take such beautiful, professional photographs of it. I felt really happy and proud of myself, it was nice to see it all come together. After the shoot, we rewarded ourselves with a Sunday roast at our local pub.

What does your wall say about you?
I feel really happy with how accurately my wall reflects both my work and me. I am pleased that we chose to shoot the wall in our flat because that immediately makes it very personal. I also chose to surround my prints and cards with objects from our home that complemented the overall image without detracting from the work. The wall is simple and clean but also has a warm, comfortable quality. I think that is an aesthetic that guides most areas of my life, whether is be my home, clothing or design work.

What are your plans for 2015/16 for Paper Covers Rock?
In the coming year I would like to expand my range of products. I am currently working on a range of prints and cards for children, which I am finding really enjoyable. I also work part time for Sunspel across their five London shops. All their shops seem to be located very close to some of London’s most beautiful book shops – Foyles, Daunts and Lutyens & Rubinstein and I regularly spend my lunch breaks browsing the book stands, gazing at all the beautifully designed book covers. This is definitely an area that I would like to move into at some point, although I’m aware of how hugely competitive it is. We shall see… I’ve never really been someone who makes too many plans, I just like to keep an open mind and see where the road takes me.

Ski holiday or beach holiday?
Just a holiday – anywhere. I don’t mind where, I love trips away. This year we spent a week on the Isle of Wight and it was wonderful. If I had to choose, probably beach, but for walks, as I’m too much of a fidget to ever sunbathe.

Cat or dog?
One day I would like to live by the sea and then it would be lovely to have a dog. It would be wrong not to mention that I have an imaginary snow leopard though (this is a long story that started when I was six years old) so I will have to say cat so as not to offend him.