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Supermarket Sarah @ MONKI

SUPER HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE  Supermarket Sarah’s Collaboration with international fashion brand Monki on their summer campaign.

“Destination Summer” will hit Monki stores 6th May and will take a starring role in all 90 Monki stores in Europe and Asia, including monki.com and  www.supermarketsarah.com

Launched in two steps—the first wall based on the excitement of packing for your holidays, and the second a playful take on a fruit stand made with print designer (and fellow fruit lover) Lynnie Zulu. From shorts and sandals to all-over printed kaftan dresses—this is all you need for summer.

I will be at the flagship Store in Stockholm! If you’re in London there is a store on Carnaby Street! Paris –96 Rue de Provence And Tokyo -Shibuya! Would love to see images from places I can’t get to!

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A Catch Up with Louise Markey

We caught up with our latest designer, Louise Markey about her design process and favourite hangouts in London town.

So tell us a little bit about your Australian roots and when you decided to come over to the UK?

I grew up in Sydney and moved with my family to the UK for 5 years when I was 9. I fell in love with London and moved back over here in 2002 and started working for Burberry.

Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration for your wall piece?

I have been obsessed with the wooden toys of Alexandre Girard for many years now, in fact they were the inspiration behind my MA collection at Central Saint Martins. These wooden mannequins are an LF Markey homage to these toys and I think the perfect way to display the clothes!

Where are you favourite hangouts in London?

I live in Stoke Newington and am a creature of habit, so I tend to plod around east London most of the time. My favourite hangouts are Esters; a great cafe near my house, Lardo; an excellent restaurant in Hackney and Clissold Park; where I take my toddler to run off some of his energy.

What’s planned for LF Markey this Summer?

This summer is busy- we have lots of pop up shops planned, an update to our e-commerce site, and of course delivering Autumn/ Winter ’15 and launching Spring / Summer ’16!

If you weren’t designing clothes what would you be doing?

Hopefully designing something else- buildings maybe!





A Q&A with Laura Spring

We caught up with our latest designer Laura Spring to discuss her influences, inspirations and her experience of building her wonder wall:

You’re based in Glasgow, how does the city influence you creatively?
Glasgow is an amazing city to live and work in. It seems to be a perfect combination of size, people, affordability and weather – that will keep you inside working! I think it’s the people here that have definitely affected my creativity the most though – there’s so many inspiring people it’s hard not to feed off that!

What have you most enjoyed about creating a wall for Supermarket Sarah?
I think I’ve really enjoyed seeing all my work collectively. Often when I’m working away in my studio, it’s so busy I never take time to step back and look at things as a whole but it’s very important to do that form time to time so it’s been great for that! It’s good to see how things are changing and developing too.

What’s your favourite piece on your wall and why?
I think my favourite product is the arrow book bag in green. I really like that print and I think those colours work well together.

How did you find the process of making the wall?
I really enjoyed it once I’d decided how I wanted to approach it. I wanted to keep the wall quite simple as my products are pretty bright and busy, so I thought it best to let them do the talking. I think my wall definitely says I’m a huge fan of bright colour and bold prints!

What are your plans for 2015?
2015 is turning out to a busy year! There’s alot going on which is really exciting! I’ve just got back from a research trip to India and am now working on a new collection as well as a couple of collaborations that I’m thoroughly enjoying. The summer will see me head off to Finland on a residency which is a bit of a dream residency as I loved the very small time I spent in Helsinki a couple of years ago. Then I’m back at Design Junction in september and then it’ll be gearing up for Christmas again!

Cat or dog?
Dog. Always! I share my studio with a 3 year old whippet called Chips who is the perfect studio companion. (I’ve sent you a photo attached taken by my photographer friend Caro Weiss in my studio.)





Supermarket Sarah Presents: COSSAC

COSSAC’s founder Agatka Kozac is a London based fashion designer who has sustainability at the heart of her brand. Agatka advocates eco fashion and clothing with a low environmental impact. COSSAC’s signature creations are minimal and sleek; adapting to the current fashion trends yet never compromising on quality.




Geometric delights from One We Made Earlier

We’re super happy to be presenting One We Made Earlier. Husband and wife team Rob & Emma create contemporary jewellery that is bold and striking. The colour combinations and geometric shapes are just so satisfying!  Their designs are inspired by  Piet Mondrian and Bruce Gray. A little bit of art around your neck deserves shouting about!