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Tiny Track’s super wall!

Here at Supermarket Sarah HQ we are super excited to introduce to you the wonderful Tiny Track and the designer behind the brand, Ina Shin. Ina has created a beautiful Supermarket Sarah wall which we’ve just launched on our site. It’s a fun and colourful delight showcasing Ina Shin’s beautifully hand-crafted accessories. Ina combines contemporary style with traditional craftsmanship and is inspired by retro culture, parquetry and the materials themselves. Originally from Seoul, South Korea Ina has been living and working in London for couple of years having studied ceramic art and 3D design through university. “I came to make some works out of my practical approach to stuff that I love; involving little obsession for tools and material”. Check out Ina of Tiny Track’s wall and click to buy her beautifully crafted and unique designs.

Happy shopping guys!

Love SS x x

Tiny Track - Wall

Tiny Track - Necklace

Ina making