January 2012 archive




So many new flavours of life here in Tokyo!

Loving the packaged boiled eggs! The perfect snack! and Green Tea flavoured ice cream πŸ™‚

The ticket vending machine Ramen restaurants are amazing. You choose and pay for your ramen at the vending machine then pass your ticket to the chef!

or I just went to a restaurant where you choose your ingredients from a fridge then pass them to the chef -nice πŸ™‚

and of course the plastic food just gets better and is actually really helpful as all menus are in japanese! luckily i’ve been taken to lots of restaurants by japanese friends who can order for me πŸ™‚

Yumi ordered us Fish testicles which is salty and creamy!!?

Everything is packaged into tiny gifts: bananas, corn on the cobs, snacks…so everything becomes like a tiny ceremony.

My new Japanese saying is “hi” Β it means “sure” in Japanese and you shrug your shoulders as you say it.


I’m very lucky Β to be being sent off to Tokyo to shoot some super walls for my upcoming book! all very exciting! I’ve never been and have no idea what to expect, the tube map looks like a knot of worms! Looking so forward to seeing all my new Japanese friends! (images below courtesy of hello sandwich)

See you Grace Lee Monday night for noodles and saki in Shibuya:)