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Supermarket Sarah@Selfridges Launch party!

THANK YOU so much to all who came on friday! The store was stormed by supermarketers! It was so wonderful to see so many of you there.

Thank you to all the super designers who came, it was brilliant to see you all! and thanks again for jumping on board my supermarket with your super stuff! Its all gone down really well. The response so far from Selfridges customers has been one of sheer delight mixed with a gleefull surprise. In fact, I’ve just been told that someone bought one of the vintage rings on Friday and proposed that very night with it! (He got a ‘yes’ and is thrilled!) Now that’s what I call a happy customer!

Gabby Young – you are a star! You got the whole crowd singing and dancing! Thank you Thank you!

Many Many Thanks to Campari for supporting the night with their retro Campari cocktails which went down with glee! I’ve actually always been a secret Campari fan, it reminds me of holidays in the sun!

Thank you also to Vitamin Water for their refreshing drinks and  of course to Selfridges for hosting the night! -You are for sure “the best department store in the world”.

Do stop by SS again soon and spread the word!




Do come along for the Launch of Supermarket Sarah@Selfridges!

Friday 28th Jan
6.30 – 8.00pm
Ground Floor
Stationary department

Gabby Young will be playing an acoustic set so you’ll be able to
drink, dance and shop! The perfect way to start your Friday evening.
(Spread the word -The more the merrier!)

Supermarket Sarah


Finally the day has arrived when I can shout -It’s up! “SUPERMARKET SARAH IS NOW OPEN AT SELFRIDGES LONDON- COME BUY BUY BUY!” and I say so with a massive smile on my face!        It looks super duper!


Sunday night was a flurry of nerves as Linnea Apleqvist, Annette Gray, Henrik Delehag and I descended onto the shop floor!  Adrenaline kept us going till 5am when all was up. Night time in Selfridges is a strange experience, it always reminds me of that film Night in The Museum. We did get a few strange looks from security as we dragged in two enormous pencils made by Jiggory Pokerywhich frame the wall brilliantly.

The wall is divided into 4 sections: Super Stuff, New Designers, Vintage and Gallery. It really is jam packed with goodies like a candy store! There is a chaotic order to it all.We added outlines to frame some items to give them a unique place, mimicking a garden tool shed.

Eley Kishimotoare first up in the Gallery. There are some fabulous exclusive items on this wall only available in store! Their flash print looks amazing against the white pegboard .

Thank you to all the guys at Creative Solutions who helped make and carry the wall! Super job! To Annette, Linnea and Henrik  – without which I would have been a complete headlesss chicken. Thank you Bruno Conrad for the snaps! And thank you to all  the Super designers who have contributed with their super stock! I hope you all love it!

Spread the SS word!



Super Stuff coming soon to Selfridges London.


The day is almost upon us now! We are gearing up to go for our Sunday night install! I’ve just seen the actual wall in the workshop today and it looks amazing! I was just too excited! Here’s a sneak peak at one of our items! This super Sushi USB stick! You can buy it on Monday at Selfridges london!!