June 2010 archive

All Grazia’ ed up!

OMG! oh gosh! I got my legs out for Grazia this week and strutted about in super high Manolo’s!  My white pasty legs where transformed by the make-up lady!! I love her!


Donna Wilson/Supermarket Sarah collaboration



I was super  excited to have collaborated with the textile extraordinaire Donna Wilson! Donna’s items are playful, fun and beautiful.  Her distinctive creations have become iconic pieces of modern interior design.
I love the ‘dream home’ we created together! There’s a super mix of Donna’s exclusive creations and SS vintage.  http://www.supermarketsarah.com
Link to ‘Making of Movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzTpvcVU0o0

Thanks Time Out!

Thank you Edwina for this super write-up  in this week’s Time Out cover story ‘Secret Shops’! Rob the photographer fell in love with Alfons my kitten! Unfortunately he’s probably the only thing at home not for sale!

Thanks TimeOut!



Supermarket Sarah in Sicily!

In a flea market in Sicily called the Mercato Delle Pulci I spotted these fantastic old gnarly trees being used to display the vendors goods. One tree was even growing within the store itself, its branches growing into cracks in the walls. I realised what a fantastic way of displaying items this was and thought to myself I must make my next wall on a tree!