April 2010 archive

“CLASH MASH” wall is up at Selfridges, Concept Store, ground floor -come by!



My final wall – “Clash Mash” is up in the Concept Store on the Ground floor at Selfridges!

It’s a feast of chaotic pattern and colour, so do come see, any purchase is guaranteed to brighten up your life!

At 5am Henrik Delehag, Annette Gray and I descended, for the final time onto the floor of the Concept store, this time armed with neon tape and two huge card board guitars made by the superstar of prop makers – Georgina Bacchus.

We went crazy with the tape, covering the wall with zig zags, starting from the central point of the wall. We taped up the shelves and even the plastic models. Then Bob worked his magic on hoisting up the guitars and fixing them up. I’m going to miss Bob, he can fix anything!

Matt from Selfridges managed to find us 3 pairs of super mannequin legs from the depths of the Selfridges store room which we clashed up with brilliant leggings by Lisa Stannard and Iris Krueger’s incredible silk skirt, super Patternity tights, teamed with Marie Molterer’s screen printed plimsolls.

Fred Butler’s amazing Galaxy hat sits proudly on my gold mannequin and Bethan Wood’s silk ‘Soft Rock’ scarf which is a super coloured interpretation of the inside of a rock gently hangs from the centre.

There’s also some rather wonderous vintage delights so do come see me soon as it will all be coming down on the 28th April!

If your stopping by this Thursday 22nd April, do come see me for drinks after at CUBE, where I’ll be hosting a little pop up party shop window. It’s just round the corner at 47 Lambs Conduit Street WC1 3NG and there’ll be some bubbly!


Supermarket Sarah@Selfridges is now open!

It’s up! Hurrah! Supermarket Sarah.com Presents: Royale with Cheese


My first wall is now up in the Selfridges Concept Store! 6 months ago when I first started displaying items on my living room wall for www.supermarketsarah.com if someone had of told me that I would one day be doing the same thing on a massive scale in Selfridges I would never have believed them! I’m super excited to see my very own real life supermarket in my favourite store!

At 3am with the amazing help of Lora Avedian and Henrik Delehag the supermarket sweep began! From Victorian bedpans to one off props, the Wonder room was piled high with all my new stock.

The giant supermarket elk made by Georgina Bacchus looks brilliant and the talented Shoko Ichikawa made the pearl necklace.

Many thanks to all my super designers who have flooded my studio with brilliant items! Thank you to all my assistants, friends, family and my super star Henrik!

Do come see and shop in store! Supermarket Sarah will be there till the 28th April, with new items each day and theme changes each week.