December 2009 archive

YCN- Xmas Stocking

Supermarket Sarah was asked to create a stocking to be sold at  YCN, a super  Gallery/Shop/Studio on Rivington Street. The Supermarket theme just keeps on giving and this is a Super recycled Supermarket Stocking made from patchwork plastic bags, with some wonders and delights inside. There were some great socks on show by other artists from Peepshow, Fred Butler and more…oh and speaking of feet -these are my new trainers -I couldn’t decide which colour to buy so I bought both! Anyone want to buy the other two? :)s




Last nights Shopping Party was a SUPER success! Thank you to all of you who came – super turn out!  BIG  thanks to all my super  team of assistants! Thank you POKE for putting up with us all and thank you James Gardiner for the super photography for the site  and Toby Summerskill for the awesome party photography (images below)

See the new walls here!

Linnea Springfeldt! -for the super set design help -amazing! and Richard Dee for super skills on the web site!

Super assistant girls: Sofie Dodgson super hacker lady!, Caroline Kha, Helen Bickford, Lucy Aebischer and Holly who were super cool  at the door, Suzanna Freestone, Hannah Moorman, Emily Roden, Joanna Strickland

and my super contributor who all made such amazing walls: Mel Elliot, Future Industries, Work It, Scott Ramsay Kyle, Samuel Levak and Jen Lewandowski,  Rina Donnersmarck and Lynn Hatzius, Peter Ibreugger, Marie Molterer,


Thanks Katie for coming! She wore a Supermarket Sarah peach 80’s dress, love it with the tights and Tesco Fur!


Fred Butler and I colour coordinated our patterns!



AND big up thanks to my super star 4 week old new nephew, Johnny, for coming! His first opening in East London! He slept the whole way through which must have meant he was happy there 🙂